Which Is Better For You – Body Lift Kit Or Suspension Lift Kit?  


Lifted trucks and SUV’s look pretty cool. However, it much more than just for aesthetic reasons because modifications can bring some benefits. A higher seating position will make it easier to see further down the road and detect traffic jams. You can tow heavier and larger loads without swerving during the drive. The increased ground clearance will protect the undercarriage from damage during off-roading.

How to lift a vehicle higher off the ground

A lift kit is an aftermarket product that is installed on trucks and SUV’s to provide them with better ground clearance and more space for larger wheels and tires. There are two common kinds of lift kits – the body lift kit and the suspension lift kit. They are mechanically different from one another with different kinds of installation methods.

A body lift kit raises the body of a vehicle higher up from the frame using spacers. This will achieve a few inches lift without changing the current suspension. The biggest advantages of body lift kit are its cheap price and the ease of installation. However, when it comes to off-roading, more stress will be added to the vehicle parts particularly the vehicle’s body and stock suspension.

When choosing a lift kit, it is important to consider your goals. Do you want your vehicle to perform well during off-roading or do you simply want to install bigger wheels to look cool? Experts also suggest choosing lift kits from reputable aftermarket brands. They might carry higher price tags but they will give you more value for the price paid. Some distributors of aftermarket products offer after-sales services to ensure the durability and longevity of the body lift kits.

You can go as high as you want with suspension lift kits. The suspension lift kit usually includes a set of performance coil overs with longer suspension travel and strong springs with adjustable spring rates. The more expensive suspension lift kits include a set of stronger brake cable supports and a set of good quality steering knuckles, cross members, and skid plates.

If you are going off-roading, suspension lift kits will provide a better performance, more space for your bigger tires, and more ground clearance. However, it will drastically change how the vehicle handles. Some components like brakes particularly the brake lines and the length of the driveshaft may require upgrading.

Installation costs are much higher compared to body lift kits because of the complexity of the installation process. The suspension geometry will be changed; hence the need for wheel alignment. The higher centre of gravity including the additional weight of the vehicle will affect how the car drives on the pavement. However, performance will improve when driving on sand and gravel or rock crawling during off-roading.

The aftermarket has produced lift kits of high quality and a precise fit for your vehicle. If you are planning to buy a lift kit, make sure that is rated best in the market. It will allow you to lower your vehicle to the ground or raise its body up to 6 inches to fit larger tires.

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