Is shipping your motorcycle going to break your budget ?


Motorcycles are a very much common owned gear to almost 75% people all over the globe.Some of them are too much in love with riding motorcycles and freedom of running on the two wheeler. they want to carry their motorcycles even to their pleasure trip or vacation location. But it is not always possible to drive bikes for a long period in order to cover a huge distance. Most of the bike owners opt for hiring auto transport companies that help them to ship their bike to the designated place.

Every bike owner wants his bike to be transferred to the next location in a systematic and safe way. As the motorcycle owners are very sensitive about their gears, sometimes auto transporters also take advantage of the owners’ weakness! As a result, bike owners are agreed to  pay any cost that is charged by the shippers to buy a safe and secure bike transport service which often exceeds the bike owners’ budgets. But not all the customers can afford such big budget transport  services. Generally, average bike shipping cost ranges from $400 to $1000.

In this article, we will try to focus on a few essential tips that may help you reduce your bike shipping cost and make it easy and cost effective to everyone.

Factors affecting shipping cost

There are several different factors that might influence the shipping cost of your motorcycle. Overall, your motorcycle’s size, shape and weight, method of shipping, how far the distance between the pickup and delivery destinations, the auto transport company you hired, the season of shipping are very much significant for determining the cost of shipping. Sometimes, shipping cost fluctuates according to fuel prices, tax or road tariff rates, mode of pickup and delivery services too. Moreover, it is to be remembered that shipping cost varies from transporters to transporters. Though there are Motorcycle shipping cost calculators from which you can gather ideas about transport service cost, yet those are approx estimations only. For exact shipping you need to ask the auto transport services for quotations.

Let’s check out  the factors:

Shipping method

The very first factor that can affect your bike shipping cost is your chosen mode of transportation. There are mainly two types of shipping methods for ground shipping; open and enclosed. Naturally, anyone can guess which is the costlier onion! Moreover, most of the customers opt for enclosed shipment as there is a general belief that covered shipping is safer than open shipping from all aspects. However, this concept is not completely true. Sometimes, accidents may happen in enclosed transportation too. So, if you are shipping a bike across the country or short distance, you can go for open options which will be affordable. On the other hand, you can hire professional or non-professional drivers to make it cheaper.


Your bike’s dimensions as well as weight is very much significant to determine shipping cost. There is a particular weight limit for every vehicle shipping. If your bike exceeds that limit, you will be charged extra. Better is to ask your shipper about their weight limit and inform them of your bike’s weight to avoid paying extra hidden cost during delivery.


It is very obvious that the distance of the bike’s origin and it’s delivery destination would surely influence the cost of shipping. Price depends according to domestic or international shipment. Shipping costs across the country and cross country won’t be the same. So, you need to be prepared for paying extra in case of longer shipping.

Insurance plans

Along with the shipping cost quotation, you must verify that your auto transporter would provide pretty insurance coverage for any kind of damage happening in transit. Some customers never ask for insurance policies to avoid paying extra money to the transporters and so the transporters. But that is not a wise decision, if you don’t insure your bike, your shipper would get a chance to deny the compensation for damages. Therefore, won’t it be good to pay a little extra for your buddy gear’s safety! Think over!

Mode of pickup and delivery options

The shipping cost depends on services also. If you want door to door service, it would cost more than terminal to terminal shipping. If you want to save money, opt for the later one.

Your preferred schedule and on season transportation

Try to match your shipping schedule according to the shipper’s preferred timings. Otherwise, you may have to pay extra for your requested schedule preferences. Additionally, avoid shipping on summers as well as holidays to avoid rush shipping.

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