Where Did the Term Key Fob/Fobs Come From?


If you have an IA or Intelligent Access car key, you already know that it can do a lot for you. It does everything including locking and unlocking your car doors, starts your car’s engine through the push-button start, and makes certain that only it, is able to start your car. This piece of metal, it is rather a big deal. 

Lose your key

When you lose a key, an accredited Ford Dealership has the precise Intelligent Access keys as well as incorporated key head transmitters that you need. You can also go to a great website where you can purchase a Ford key fob replacement and it will cost less than what you would spend at the dealership.
What is a key fob?

A key fob is a common name for the IA car key. The key fob is the security devices that transmit some type of electromagnetic signal, by radio as well as infrared. The receiver picks the signal up to be used for everything including;

  • Security
  • Remote start
  • Keyless entry
  • Other functions

Keychains, openers for garage doors, remote auto starters, as well as keyless devices for entry of doors to hotel rooms are all referred to as fobs and/or key fobs. The items in the list above are the key fobs “keyless entry systems” for cars and trucks – in this article, especially for Ford vehicles. Check for Local garage door repair company.

History of phrase

Currently in today’s world key fob is used to describe anything that attaches to a personal chain. The term began as a watch fob, for any ornaments that attached to the chain of a watch that was put in a pants pocket – commonly referred to as “pocket watch”. The term has been used since the 1800s. During the 1950s until the current time, items that are connected to auto key chains are also referred to as key fobs. So of course, when remote keyless entry systems came on the scene, these remote controls were also referred to as key fobs


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