Transmission Fluid Service Offered by Jeep Dealerships


Those who own Jeep vehicles are usually found to be more experimentative on roads than the other brand vehicle owners. Jeep is known for going off road more often than other vehicle models tend to. That proves a fact that Jeep models are meant to endure heavy off roading and so all its mechanisms will be more durable than we get to see commonly under the hoods and undercarriages of other cars. But does that imply, you don’t need to take care of your Jeep even when it is recommended by the manufacturer? Of course not. The owner’s manual that comes with the vehicle states only facts and the necessary maintenance recommendations, as they know what the model is made of. So, they enable Jeep dealerships to offer the users with the best maintenance and repair services.  The popular center of Jeep service near Niles can be cited as the best example of one that offers a rounded up specialized service to all Jeep models, both old and new.

It is from our firsthand experience that we came to know how professionally a Jeep dealership handles every maintenance and repair job, when we needed to get done a transmission fluid service for our five years old Jeep Wrangler.

Common Warning Signs of Contaminated Transmission Fluid

From the staff of the above said Jeep servicing center we were reminded to be cautious about the following common warning signs that the transmission fluid has become contaminated and it needs a replacement servicing immediately:

  • The vehicle is having an unusually hard time in picking up the speed when the accelerator is pressed.
  • The vehicle is showing frequent tendency to stall especially while climbing up or down on a steep incline
  • The Check Engine Light is staying on constantly.
  • The transmission is making a grunting noise whenever the gear is shifted.

Things to Remember

Some vehicles might not have a serviceable transmission filter and are permanently sealed. That indicates those vehicles do not need any service for the transmission. So, if you have bought a new car, do take note of the owner’s manual and look for the information if the car has a sealed transmission system.

On the other hand, any vehicle with a manual transmission will not come with a transmission fuel filter, because of which the system will be more susceptible to wear, and the chance of the fluid getting contaminated. That’s why every manual gear vehicle should be serviced and maintained well, and the manufacturer’s recommendation should be strictly followed.

They Make the Users Aware

Though it wasn’t new for us to get a transmission fluid service done, but when we visited the Niles Jeep service center for the same, we had a very relevant discussion with the team of mechanics and the test driver regarding how the transmission fluid servicing can enhance the overall performance of the vehicle, especially one like the Jeep Wrangler that often ventures out on the dusty and muddy surfaces exploring wild destinations. The staff were cordial in their behavior, and they made us more aware about the vehicle mechanisms and their maintenance, that changed our overall outlook towards vehicle usage.

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