Stuck with parking tickets in NYC, here are the answers.


Receiving a parking ticket is not a big deal in New York City. New York drivers are always on their toes and generate a lot of money for the city. If you are new in the city, you need to know a lot of things about parking tickets in NYC; the cost, how to solve disputes, and how to avoid parking tickets.

Cost of parking ticket in NYC

There are a lot of variations in the cost of parking tickets in NYC depending on the violation code and the number of times driver is indulged in the same offence. The fees also vary on basis of city and location.

Buses pay the heftiest parking ticket in NYC. There is a list of violations and their relevant fines on the New York City website.

Reasons for dispute in the ticket:

According to the law in New York, citizens are required to respond to parking tickets and red light violations within 30 days from the date of issue. In case you miss the 30 day period, you will be fined and charged an additional fee and vehicle boot too.

In case you do not agree with the ticket, you have all the rights to challenge it and appeal the decision. There can be the following reasons for a dispute in the parking ticket:

  1. Missing or unreadable signs

Incidents where there were no signs and you parked and they charged you is common. So if the signs were not legible, make sure to take pictures of the scene to submit when there is a dispute.

  1. Broken meter

Broken meters disputes are the most common ones. New York drivers are required to purchase parking from the nearest meter if the current meter is broken.

  1. Defective Ticket:

There are cases when the ticketing officer missed the key information or wrote some wrong information on the parking ticket. Such tickets are justified to raise a dispute too. Defective reviews undergo revision with the NY finance and can be dismissed if the defects are relevant.

  1. Disabled tickets:

If you parked in an unauthorised parking lot, and your parking permit is disabled; then there might be a case of disabled tickets. In such a situation, follow the directions on the back of your disabled permit to solve the dispute.

Avoiding NYC parking tickets

The basic way to avoid getting a ticket is to park in legally authorised parking areas. Other ways to avoid parking tickets in New York are:

  • Make sure the meter receipt is placed face-up on your dashboard.
  • Your registration and insurance up to date
  • Don’t park in any part of a crosswalk or a lane designated for a bike lane.
  • Check the time limit of your meter and don’t be a minute late to get back in your car.
  • When there are multiple parking signs in the same area, follow the most restrictive one.
  • Make sure you park at least 15 feet away from fire hydrants.
  • Mark the difference between no stopping, no standing and no parking signs.

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