Signs That Your Car Needs an Immediate Visit to the Auto Repair Shop


Owning a car is something we all cherish. But it also brings us responsibility, to keep it in good shape. It is commonly seen, that most car owners tend to avoid taking their cars to the auto repair shop for various reasons, they wait till the issues ripen and visit only when the risk factor increases, or the car stops moving for some reason.

But at times, things can get that serious when you really can’t afford to postpone your visit to an auto repair shop and get back your car into its original shape and performing stage. An auto expert associated with the Palmyra auto repair center shared with us all those signs that indicate a car is in immediate need to be checked up and treated at an auto repair shop.

Weird Braking Responses

The brake system of a vehicle is the most crucial lifeline without which you cannot imagine of driving a car safely to your destination. But like any other mechanism, and with regular usage, different parts of the brakes can start decaying and wearing off.

It could be the brake pads, or the brake rotors, that are in fault, when the brakes stop behaving the way they are supposed to. They might stop responding properly and accurately to your inputs, or you hear some squealing sound from it, whenever you engage the brakes, consider an immediate visit to the auto repair shop, and stay prepared for a repair job, which might be expensive as well.

Apart from a squealing or squeaking sound from the brakes, there could be a spongy feeling below your foot when you place them on the brake pads and try to depress them. It may either need more hard press or might stoop too low to the ground with a slight touch. In both the cases, it is a red alert for your safety that cannot be put on hold.

Sputtering Sound Rising from the Engine

Every time when you key the engine, if there is a sputtering sound that you keep hearing, know that the engine is suffering from ignition misfires. Usually, such events lead to malfunctioning of the engine wherein the engine stops responding slowly and might come to a stage when it doesn’t start at all. So, it is recommended for obvious reasons to visit your nearby auto repair shop, whenever you hear such sputtering sound from your engine, if you want to save your car from facing any such trouble.

Gear Slips

While changing or shifting the gears during a drive, if you are facing difficulty it means the transmission system is at fault. Mostly this happens when the transmission fluid either gets contaminated or is been filled with a wrong type of fluid. In both the cases it can lead to transmission ‘slip’s that prevents the transmission from delivering smooth gear changes.

In any of these events, one must know that your car needs immediate attention from professional hands, suggested by the expert we know from the center of auto repair near Palmyra.

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