Rotors and Brake Pads: What Makes Them So Important?


If you think that it’s the wheels that bring a vehicle to a stoppage when the brakes are applied, then, you require some schooling. It is actually the function of the rotor and braking pads on the wheel’s Axel to guide the wheels to stop spinning by producing friction against the road surface. Which is why the braking parts need to be of the higest quality. They will not just increase the life of your vehicle but will also keep you safe against accidents caused due to brake failures and slow stoppage.

Importance of a Brake Rotor

A speed sensitive brake rotor is responsible for the following things:

  • Reducing the chances of thermal cracking by dissipating the heat under different temperature ranges. 
  • Stopping the wheels from spinning by creating resistance. 

Importance of Brake Pads

High performance metallic brakes pads have the following benefits. 

  • They reduce rotor wear and tear.
  • They reduce screeching noise when the brakes are applied. 
  • They give a jerk free and vibration free motion.

Besides, their sensitivity determines how quickly the vehicle will come to a stoppage. That said, let’s take you through some of the best quality cross drilled braking pads and rotors available at 

  1. Black XD Brake Kit

The braking pads and rotor provided in this kit is made up of carbon fiber ceramic that offers the following benefits. 

  • The rotors turn out to be corrosion resistant. It reduces the production of brake dust.
  • The stainless steel shims have zero chances of thermal cracking since the heat is dissipated perfectly. 
  • The braking motion is swift, quick, and noise free. 
  1. Black Kote Brake Kit

This braking kit by DCB has electroplated brake rotors and corrosion-resistant braking pads. 

Benefits of Electroplated Brake Rotors

  • They are rust resistant. 
  • They create maximum resistance when the brakes are applied to stop the vehicle quickly. 
  • They help in proper heat dissipation that keeps the brake fluid cool. 

Benefits of Anti-corrosive Braking Pads

  • They offer jerk free and swift stoppage. 
  • They minimize the stoppage time. 
  • They lead to noise free stopping. 
  1. G3000 Brake Kit

This sports grade brake kit has a double disc rotor and semi-metallic brake pads. 

Benefits of the Double Disc Brake Rotor

  • It produces high tension that prompts the vehicle to stop quickly. 
  • Its seamless finish supports quieter stoppage. 

Benefits of Semi-Metallic Brake Pads 

  • They eliminate the screeching noise when then the brake pedals are applied suddenly. 
  • They produce proper resistance and lock against the rotors to halt the vehicle immediately during panic stops. 

So, buying either of the above listed braking parts is the best thing that you can do to keep your vehicle running for long. 

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