Premium Auto Carriers for a More Protected Transportation of Your Classic Car


You have collected a very classic and antique car, but now you have to relocate because of your work demands. If you are worried, how will you take your car to the location in a sound and safe manner, you might consider hiring an auto transport company that provides enclosed shipment trailers. 

Ship A Car, Inc. is a classic car shipping company that provides premium service for pick-up and delivery of your vehicle while ensuring that it reaches your desired location in a safe and secure environment. They also provide you with a protection policy that protects your car during transportation from one place to another anywhere in the United States. 

Cost of shipping in enclosed carriers

Shipping a classic edition car is much more expensive than normal ones, but is worth the cost. It is more expensive because:

  • Your vintage car needs extra level of protection within the enclosed trailer. 
  • The transportation of such vehicles needs a very high insurance coverage due to the high cost of the vehicle to be carried. 
  • The shipment of these cars needs an experienced shipper who has knowledge regarding safe loading, and to give extra care to your vehicle during a journey that might take days to cover. 

Cost Of Importing A Car From USA To Australia: – Osu Rubicon

What can you expect from your auto transport company when you decide to ship your classic car?

When you have decided to ship your car, which is antique and expensive, your shipment company gives you the following services:

  • Enclosed carriers to provide protection against weather, road debris, and potential thefts. 
  • Your car gets picked up from your door and gets delivered at the location chosen by you. 
  • You get expedited service at a premium price and you can assure yourself to get your vehicle at the exact date you desire, especially if you are taking your classic car to a car show. 
  • You can ship your car as privately as possible in a single enclosed carrier.
  • You get a proof of the damage coverage provided by the company. 
  • You will be able to easily communicate with the shipper to know the real-time whereabouts of your vehicle. Some companies also provide live GPS tracking for your peace of mind. 
  • The shipping company should provide easy and fast claim process in case the car suffers any damage during transportation. 

Steps to prepare your car for shipping

In order to make the process easier for the shipper, you must ensure that you:

  • Thoroughly clean your car and make a list of any pre-existing damage so that you can easily locate a new damage when you get your car delivered. 
  • Ensure that your car is booked as running as non-running cars need a separate carrier for loading and might need an extra premium to be paid by you. 
  • Ensure that remove all the detachable parts including spoilers, bumpers, top racks, or special mirrors. 
  • Secure a soft top, if present in your car firmly. 

Check for the license of the shipping company. Paying an extra premium is better for safe shipping and also for your peace of mind. 


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