Information to Know About Your Car’s Air Conditioning Evaporator


In most passenger pickup truck or car, the air conditioning evaporator is normally located in the passenger area, quite often buried deeply in or under the “instrument panel”. But it is different from a radiator where the tubes move engine coolant, this A/C evaporator moves refrigerant.

Aftermarket parts

For any aftermarket parts or tools, there are many suppliers on the internet. They move parts for ac systems and other parts for:

  • Passenger cars
  • Coach buses
  • Heavy-duty trucks

Leading supplier

The leading supplier on the internet for car evaporator is located in China. They have their own factory and provide car air conditioner evaporators of various quality. The best car AC evaporators are made of aluminum in order to improve endurance from corrosion thus overall improving the life of this part. 

Important part 

These air conditioning evaporators are only one of the components of the car’s AC system but an especially important part. Their function is to move low-temperature condensed gas through the car evaporator, exchanging heat with the outside air. It liquefies and absorbs this heat to attain the cooling effect that blowers bring into the passenger areas of a vehicle. Another way to state this is that an air conditioner evaporator is a heat exchange in a mobile air conditioning system.

Evaporator core

The A/C evaporator, sometimes described as the “evaporator core”, is one of two or three heat exchanges in an air conditioner mobile system. There are some vehicles, such as SUVs or vans, having2 evaporators. One is located underneath the instrument panel in the front, and the other evaporator installed in or near the rear of the same vehicle. This rear evaporator in the majority of cases can be found behind a panel on the side or up in the ceiling directly above the rear passenger compartment. 

If you are having a problem with the A/C in your vehicle, have an authorized dealer check it over for you – it could be that the evaporator needs to be replaced. 

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