Important Considerations When Deciding On Your EOT Cranes Or Industrial Lifting Equipment



One of the important decisions that you will be making when you are setting up your industry is selecting the right EOT cranes. If you make the right choices, they will last for several years. For someone with a limited experience, selecting the right kind of cranes and picking the best EOT crane manufacturers is not an easy task. When you actually get to screen your cranes and when you start screening your cranes suppliers, you would realize how challenging these tasks are.

The first factor to consider when you want to purchase your crane is the crane type. There are different types of cranes. You will come across terms such as single girder cranes and double girder cranes. You should not get confused with these terminologies. You need to patiently review each type of crane and where they are used.

You should have a clear understanding on the capacity of the crane that you would like to purchase. The cranes capacity is denoted in tons. Depending on the nature of the load to be shifted from one location to the other you should select the right capacity of the crane. It is always better to go for a little oversized capacity so that even if your needs should change in future, your crane will be able to withstand the load without any problem. 

The next factor that needs to be decided is the overall span of the crane. This refers to the distance that the load needs to be carried. Before ordering your crane, you should have a clear blue print of the movement of the materials within your facility. Only when you have this information, you will be able to decide on the right span of your cranes. Talk to your manufacturers on the minimum and maximum span of the cranes that they manufacture and match it with your own requirements. 

The third criterion that needs to be taken into consideration is the lift. This refers to the vertical movement of the material. What is the maximum height to which you would want the crane to lift the materials? All these three factors – capacity, span and lift will determine the crane specifications. You would need information on all these factors and your EOT crane manufacturers will be able to customize your cranes only when you provide them with these details. All these simply point to the fact that you have a clear understanding of your own requirements. When you do not have a clear understanding of your requirements, you will not be able to make the right choices. Whatever you choose may or may not meet your needs.

You should also check what are the other features offered by your crane manufacturer. A number of advanced features are offered by many crane manufacturers. You would need to select only those features that you think you would use. Every advanced feature would increase your cost. Above all, quality is going to be a major underlying criterion regardless of what type of crane you choose.

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