How to increase the fuel efficiency of your bike


The two-wheeler offers a quick and easy transportation at much lower operating cost compared to four-wheelers. Where cities are cluttered by heavy traffic coupled with narrow lanes, a bike or scooty is the most convenient mode of transportation. With the rising fuel prices, owning the two-wheeler has decreased. Are you planning to buy the most fuel-efficient scooty in India? Here are some tips which you can follow to get the maximum fuel efficiency of your bike and keep the running cost down.

Keep the bike well maintained

Always ensure that mechanically, your two-wheeler is in a good condition. Get it serviced at regular intervals from the authorized service centres. Experts at the service stations will be able to fine-tune your vehicle better than a roadside mechanic.

Don’t be a drag

The wind resistance increases exponentially with the speed at 120km/hr , if the wind resistance is double what it is 80km/hr. Reduce your ride speed to below 80km/hr whenever you can do so safely.

Check the engine oil regularly

The Old engine oil should be replaced with a new one at regular intervals. As you all know, the engine oil maintains the lubrication between the numerous moving parts inside the engine. With the time it is degenerate and stops working properly leading it to an engine clogged with the old oil and devoid of smooth functioning.

Keep the fuel tank clean

Despite the fuel which is being used nowadays being quiet, overtime the fuel tank gets clogged with the dirt. The same thing was happening with the fuel lines as well as which takes the fuel to the engine. Make sure to get both fuel tanks and pipes cleaned properly at regular intervals. The splendor plus is one of the popular bikes in India when it comes to fuel efficiency that is the reason the hero is marketing it as Splendor plus ki kimat

Shut the engine during traffic signals

the traffic lights are more than 30 seconds in duration, shut down your bike engine to avoid the unnecessary burning of fuel. Do not shut the engine off when the duration of the traffic signals is below 30 seconds as the quick stops and a start of the engine will absorb more fuel than it is being saved.

Fill up the petrol pump every time     

Try to stick to certain petrol stations from which you fill your fuel. It will prevent the engine from dealing with a slight difference that exists between the fuels when filled from a diverse fuel pump.

Chill out

Avoid the sudden acceleration by “reading’ the traffic ahead and anticipating your bike speed requirements in advance. Keep your revs in a low, steady range in the power brand because it will use less fuel to accelerate within the power band than below. If you need more power at low revs, rather than a shift down than giving it full throttle.

Final thoughts

You might have now got some idea about how to increase the fuel efficiency of your dream bike. Follow the certain tips that above mentioned to get a good fuel efficiency of your bike.

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