Great Options with the Car Insurance You Can Opt for Now


A vehicle policy protects personal wealth and finances, so before viewing it as an expense, consider it as an investment, which will support you in the event of a claim, since there will be very little that you will have to pay if you find yourself in an unfortunate situation.

Before deciding, take into account that the more complete the policy, the assists will be greater, as well as the sums insured to protect you. You can make Car insurance comparison there and take a decision.

What does auto insurance cover?

  • In the case of Civil Liability, it covers the damages that you will cause to the goods of third parties. The amount that protects you can go up to more than 4,000,000 pounds.
  • Regarding Medical Expenses, the sum can be more than 200,000 pounds. In addition to that there are other coverages that can support, tires, modifications that you have made in your car, etc., although these are found as additional.
  • Finally, you have to consider that since 2019 it became mandatory that all vehicles must have auto insurance to circulate on federal highways and roads in the country, otherwise, the fine can amount to 4,000 pounds.

And there are more reasons that will make you feel calm when driving your car, so if you are thinking of purchasing insurance, but you consider that it can be expensive, we offer you these tips so that you can save on hiring and do not feel that it will affect you in other expenses. With the best motor insurance you can find the best solutions now.

Compare in more than three insurers

The National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services, recommends that before contracting a vehicle policy, you compare with at least three companies. By listing at more than three insurers you can save 40%.

Take advantage of the discount seasons

You can save up to 30% on acquiring the policy in seasons such as Hot Sale and Buen Fin, when insurers offer attractive bonuses and interest-free months with participating cards. The latter is an excellent opportunity in case you cannot settle the insurance in one payment.

Another option is to renew with the company that has your current insurance, because depending on how long you have been with them, the discount can be up to 20%, especially when you have a good driving record, that is, zero accidents.

Know your driver profile

We mean that the more experience you have handling the discounts in the acquisition increases, since those under 29 are considered high-risk users because they have higher reports of road accidents and deaths from this cause.

Also marital status is important, some companies consider that a driver with a family will be more cautious when driving. Likewise, the female sex has better discounts, although there is a false belief that they mishandle, the statistics deny it because they are the ones with the fewest road incidents. In 2018, women recorded more than 54,000 traffic accidents, while men had around 269,000 incidents.

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