Armored Vehicles: For Armor Around The World


An armored vehicle combines operational mobility with offensive and defensive capabilities to provide complete safety. These play a very significant role in several military operations. These vehicles are generally used by people who are of public importance in some way or the other.

Contemporary times brings a vast number and types of armored vehicle such as the Patria AMV which is a modern 8×8 armored wheeled vehicle which can carry three crew and up to ten troops and can protect the crew from IEDs and EFPs. Another example of an armored vehicle, the boxer APC version is the world’s top-notch personnel carrier which has the capability of protecting against mines, IEDs, and ballistic threats. What’s clear is that these vehicles are not used by an average person.

Who uses armored vehicles?

The military

One probable and easy answer is the armed forces, the military. Since fighting in combat zones requires the utmost physical protection, the use of armored vehicles is necessary. Therefore, from armored hummers to the heavily armored vehicle of all; the armored tank, these vehicles are widely used for military purposes.

Huge business organizations

What isn’t common knowledge that these armored vehicles are not just used by the armed forces, but are also used by several businesses and organizations. For that matter, there are several businesses that do not realize how beneficial it would be to add armored vehicles for their business. Where people, money, and property might become the target of violence and threats, Troy armoring serves a very essential purpose.

Transportation of valuable assets

Numerous diplomats, business executives, and celebrities travel in armored vehicles for their safety, which ranges from armored limousines and SUVs to armored Sedans. Further, a huge amount of cash, precious gems, jewelry or valuable documents can easily be transported to their destinations in armored vehicles.

Law enforcement

These vehicles are hence intended to transport VIPs. But apart from this, armored buses and vans can be used to transport prisoners by all levels of law enforcement. Armored vehicles are also used for preventing the abduction and assassination of high government officials.

Where ordinary patrol cars cannot provide sufficient protection, police make use of the armored vehicles to keep the situations related to law enforcement under control.


Armored vehicles are, therefore, not just used by the military operations and SWAT or the police but by big business corporations and high profile people as well.

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