Are you planning for a road trip to Sri Lanka: What kind of bikes are suited for it?


Adventure is something everyone has a preference on each and everyone has a style of living and a way of having an adventure. But commonly adventures are seen like bungee jumping, scuba diving, and stuffs like risky factors are seen as adventures. But for people generally especially for budget people is bike rides are the ones that most of us could afford. And Biker is a term for people who do this adventure.

Easy tip for rides:

Bikers always have new ideas about traveling and they change routes and traveling destinations often. Not only within the locality but also to longer distances. As Sri Lanka is a place of nature and real adventure travelers and riders are following the destination often. And what kind of bikes do you think could be suited for a trip to these destinations. Most of the roads in Sri Lanka are village and mountain roads as bikes high cc would do better. To say so 150cc motorbike in Sri Lanka is a better option for the rides. A variety of models has these features with higher cc engines and even 200cc bikes in Sri Lanka are pretty popular these days.

An adventure ride rider mostly plans for destinations they have never visited which is quite a risky factor but with the right bike, we can tackle it easily. Now a day’s riders from other countries are traveling for a road trip here because of the experience and scenery they get to see. There are even people who ship their 200cc bikes in Sri Lanka to travel even for months or work on a project. But there are many rental portals for two-wheelers for travelers in these destinations because of the follow up of tourists. We can select the model we want like the brand, style, and even the cc style like 150cc bikes in Sri Lanka on official portals based on the rental value offered.

About the trip:

Many people wonder how and when to travel to this Island country that too for a newbie rider they wonder how the trip works on their own. We have now internet which is fast key to any way of reaching the destination. We have maps and GPS tracker as a virtual guide many websites guide us through these places. If the person traveling here has any friend or any known person in the place, we can have them together during the trip.

People here are very friendly and they guide us if we seek help as most of the mountain roads are interior the online maps cannot track and locate these locations exactly but we have people and our gut feeling to trust during these times. As the island is full of forest and mountain ranges there are public service people there to guide us and importantly boards and name cards will mostly not be in English.

Final Tip:

From my assumption, it is better to visit distanced villages rather than to be stuck in the hazard’s routine main cities.

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