A Detailer’s Tips For Professional Results


If the outbreak of coronavirus has given people anything, it’s time. As individuals hunt for activities to fill the hours while stuck in the house, most have turned to home maintenance. However, now may also be a great opportunity to spruce your vehicle.

In case you take care of your vehicle but get disappointed with the outcome, here are detailer’s tips to make your car look shiny and keep it that way for a long time:

  1. Consider Waxing in Every Season

Between wax applications and paint cleanings, you may find that you have picked up scratches and stains. You can use Nexgen Ceramic Spray, which might touch up these spots between waxing. Since there is no actual way to tell when waxing has worn off, be sure to stick to your schedule.

Always give your car a waxing job in each season, especially if it spends outdoors every day.


  1. Use the Correct Tools

A strong bristle brush might work great on the interior carpet of your car in conjunction with vacuums. When washing the outside of your car, you can always use shampoo instead of dishwashing detergents.

Detailing clay may also be a great product for DIYers and can be simple to use and create a smooth appearance, which might be topped up with a good protective layer.


  1. Test Different Products before Using Them

Detailing products may react differently with materials and cars. When trying out a new product, be sure to test it out in an inconspicuous place before using it in your car. This might include checking the texture, discoloration, and damage, among other kinds of changes.

You may also compare the pros and cons of graphene coating vs. ceramic coating to determine which offers more protection at a high contact water angle. However, your choice will depend on the right product you want to use and the kind of expectation you have from each.


  1. Avoid Cross-Contamination

Cross-contamination in detailing a car happens by using the same material for every washing activity. This means you need to avoid using similar items, like buckets, brushes, water, and towels for multiple locations or purposes.

You may not want to move contaminants on the car from one place to another. This is especially important in places where the car gets extra dirty, such as lower panels, rims, or wheel wells.

  1. Remember the Crevices

Although you might have wiped down the interior of your vehicle, you probably concentrated on the large areas, such as the steering wheel, dashboard, and console. 

What you might have forgotten is small crevices, which also traps dirt and dust. This can be around the door handles, air vents, and change cups.


  1. Use Quality Protectants

Some protectant sprays can leave a slick film on your dash, which attracts more dust, meaning you will need to regularly clean your car. Plus, a shiny dash might reflect into your windshield, reducing your vision, particularly at night.

This is why most professional detailers use quality protectants, like torque detail. In fact, car care reviews suggest that quality protectants will make your vehicle look good and reduce glare.


In Conclusion!

Although professional detailing is important, not every car owner has the money or time to offer the services.

If money or time is the problem, you may always detail your car using some of these tips to achieve the same results that experts get.


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